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315W CMH Grower's Choice Bulbs

Grower's Choice

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Grower's choice is an American company operating out of Southern California, and a collaborative effort led by lighting and horticulture experts. We develop high quality, durable and affordable horticultural lamps and fixtures  which are designed to better meet the needs of specialty-plant cultivators. We operate out of California, alongside some of the most experienced growers in the world. As a domestic company, we understand the needs of today's horticultural industry, and aim to provide effective lighting solutions for both large scale and hobbyist growers alike.


Grower's Choice has been proud to represent the Horticultural Lighting Industry by consistently producing laboratory proven test results while continuing to maintain quality assurance in the accuracy of their proprietary spectrum for use with all specialty flowering plants. The horticulturally engineered unique combination of gaseous materials produces consistency in the spectral output, while still surpassing the competition by leading the industry with the highest levels of PAR output without sacrificing any lamp life expectancy or degradation of the proprietary spectrum. With the use of the Grower's Choice lamps in an existing commercial application, growers can expect immediate results by seeing stronger, healthier, and more vigorous plants. 


Available in:

  • 3K-R (3,000K Enhanced Red)
  • 3K (3,100K Red FLOWERING)
  • 4K (4,200K VEGETATIVE)
  • 10K (10,000K UV Enhanced).

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