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AgroLED® iSunlight® VEG + UV T5 LED Grow Bulbs

AgroLED iSunLight

  • $ 8900

Finally! A plug and play High Output LED T5 bulb that cranks out a full BLOOM spectrum with only 41 watts of power usage (Compare a standard T5 HO bulb at 54w). These smart Agro LED T5 replacement bulbs are designed to easily replace existing T5 fluorescent bulbs. With a rated life span of at least 50,000 hours, they will outperform, and outlast your regular T5 flourescent bulbs (which dramatically lose their effectiveness after only a year).

The 41 watt Bloom iSunlight® T5 HO replacement LED lamps are an excellent choice for the complete cycle of your plants life. The iSunlight® T5 Bloom lamp is an intelligent LED that is specifically designed to work with your existing T5 HO fluorescent fixture, without having to rewire or replace ballasts. These T5 LED retrofit lamps make an excellent replacement for all 3,000° K T5 fluorescent lamps. The iSunlight® Bloom features a combination of 450 nm blue, 660 nm red and 5,500°K full spectrum white diodes while consuming only 41 watts of power for the 4 foot lamp. Environmentally friendly, mercury free LED lamps.. With virtually no heat, the AgroLED T5 lights can be placed closer to your plants canopy, which can increase light penetration and boost your yields! To top it off, these are environmentally friendly and mercury free lamps.


  • Replaces any 4' T5 fluorescent bulbs
  • Replaces 3000°K Lamps for Bloom Cycles
  • Uses only 41 watts of power
  • 50,000 hour rated life span 

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