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H2O2 1Liter - Nutrilife 29% Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 1Liter - Nutrilife 29% Hydrogen Peroxide


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How it Works: Helping your plants: Researchers believe plants need oxygen to survive, just as humans do. The amount of oxygen plants need must be over 20% or they will not survive. Plant growth and vigor heavily rely on the roots getting enough oxygen, because the roots of a plant need oxygen to convert carbohydrates to energy. As a result, plants can only produce fruit or vegetables in proportion to root growth of the plant. Root Zone Aeration: A quick and easy way to increase oxygen to the root zone is to aerate the nutrient solution in the reservoir. Adding H2O2 is a great way to oxygenate nutrient solutions in reservoirs. An extra oxygen hydrogen atom is created when water is added to H2O2. The compounds then become very unstable and the extra 02 molecule separates leaving an increased level of water and oxygen in the reservoir. H2O2 Can also be used as a sterilization solution to prevent contamination and disinfect tools, equipment and plants. When used as a foliar spray, use at a dilution ratio of 1:18.