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KIND LED K3 Series Veg L600 LED

KIND LED K3 Series Veg L600 LED

Kind LED

  • $ 99000

The 320-watt (600-watt HID wattage equivalent) Kind LED K3 series VEG L600 is comprised of high-powered 3-watt light emitting diodes featuring a proprietary intensified spectrum designed for optimal vegetation. The Veg L600 has a 100- to 240-volt AC power input and an amperage of 2.67. Suitable for Global Energy Environment, the work frequency is 50/60 hertz, and has an output voltage of less than 76 volts DC. All Kind LEDs have an optimized driving current which increases diode efficiency and output, resulting in a brighter, higher yielding footprint, and a proprietary 12-band complete spectrum featuring both IR and UV technology. Secondary optical lenses magnify PAR and increase canopy penetration up to 200 percent. Kind LEDs also feature extra-large heat sinks, quiet fans, precision drivers and superior craftsmanship. Includes a three-year warranty.

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