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- Your Masterblend Fertilizer Headquarters -

Masterblend is famous for being the top dog of water soluble fertilizers for soil and hydroponics. Together, PowerGrow Systems & Masterblend have teamed up to bring exclusive fertilizer formulas, and tried and true classics like the Masterblend 4-18-38 Tomtato and Vegetable Formula to the masses at affordable prices and sizes that were previously out of reach to hobby farmers and growers.

In addition to Masterblend Fertilizers, PowerGrow Systems is a full scale garden, hydroponic and farming supplier. If we don't have it immediately available to ship, we can always order it and we work with the largest garden distributors in the country. We also have a price match guarantee (as long as it isn't below actual costs) so you can rest assured you are getting the best price on all your gardening supplies.  

CURRENT LOCAL STORE HOURS:  Our local Utah store will be temporarily closed to the public for a while :( Please consider ORDERING ONLINE 24/7 and scheduling a PICKUP at our Warehouse.

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