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Secret Masterblend Discounts and Coupon Codes


🙏 Your support means the world to us and our family, and we can't thank you enough. ❤️

As a small family business, it is getting harder to survive in a world that is dominated by massive corporate companies who only care about profits and not people. Did you know that in order to provide our products like Masterblend and PowerGrow Fertilizers online through places like Amazon, Walmart and eBay they take a massive cut - upwards of 15% of each and every sale? That does not even include other selling fees, chargebacks and marketing fees etc. 😭

Our costs to sell online are increasing everyday, and the constant battles dealing with Amazon and the other online marketplaces... sometimes feels a bit hopeless and at times not worth it. Amazon has even delisted our Masterblend products due to algorithm mistakes 🤯 and to be honest, we do not know how much longer we can continue to sell our Masterblend through them. you know what IS worth it?? Providing the highest quality products like Masterblend Fertilizer DIRECTLY to YOU our customers. We would rather give you a discount, than have Amazon, Walmart ect take huge cuts of the sale for themselves! In order to accomplish this, we want to give YOU an exclusive Masterblend discount code as a thank you for buying your first order directly with us. (Also applies to all our PowerGrow products). All we ask is that you fill out the information below, and allow us to occasionally send you messages about our sales, new product releases and important updates. And we hope that next time you need products, you'll come to us first.

Without further blabbing...

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