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Black Sea Man Heirloom Tomato Seeds (10 seeds)


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Russian heirloom from Marina Danilenko. Small plants produce medium-sized brownish-pink fruits with olive green shading. Well marbled flesh is attractive when blanched and peeled. Rich flavor. Potato leaf foliage. Determinate, 75 days from transplant.

  • Start indoors 6 weeks before last frost
  • Sow seeds indoors 1/4" deep
  • Germination in 7-14 days (as little as 2 days with the Super Starter Kit!)
  • Plant outdoors 24 - 36 inches apart
  • Full sun
  • Seed Variety: Heirloom

Green Thumb Tip: Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. Plant in full sun.

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