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Fiddle Fig Fertilizer 18-6-12+ Micro Nutrients (8 Month Slow Release)

PowerGrow Systems

  • $ 850

Fiddle Leaf Fig - Slow Release Fertilizer by PowerGrow Systems:

Includes all the Major Nutrients your Fiddle Fig needs to thrive and produce beautiful leaves and healthy stems...PLUS it also contains all the essential Micro Nutrients and Trace Elements that most slow release fertilizers do not. With it's 18-6-12 + Micro Nutrient formula, the PowerGrow Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer feeds your Fiddle fig for 8 months, and each bag includes up to MULTIPLE YEARS of SUPPLY (based on the size of your tree) of the highest grade fertilizer.

  • ✅ SUPERIOR NUTRITION - The Perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer - Balanced Nutrition + Micro/Trace Nutrients!
  • 🕗 SUPERIOR VALUE - Apply once every 8 months! Each Bag includes enough supply for up to SEVERAL YEARS! (depending on plant and pot size)
  • 🌱 SO EASY TO USE - Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer includes EASY instructions on how to use it
  • 🌳 VERSATILE - Not just for Fiddle Fig Trees! Use for ALL your houseplants, Indoor & Outdoor!
  • 👍 GUARANTEED - PowerGrow's Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer is Guaranteed to be the BEST!

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