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Giant Mammoth Sunflower Seeds (50 seeds)

PowerGrow Systems & Utah Hydroponics

  • $ 499

Very few things in life can make you smile like seeing a GIANT sunflower beaming in a field! These giant Mammoth Sunflower seeds produce absolutely massive sunflowers, some as large as 14" in diameter. The gorgeous large stalks grow very quickly, and can reach up to 9-12 feet high! Mammoth sunflowers are easy to grow - simply plant them after danger of frost about 3/4" deep and about 2-3 feet apart. These mammoth blossoms attract birds, bees, and children so be warned :) Once the blossoms dry, you can harvest the seeds to roast and eat, or just dry and use for bird seed. One of our own families very FAVORITE flowers to grow!

  • Locally Grown in Utah
  • Each Flower can produce a blossom up to 14" in diameter
  • 50+ seeds in each pack
  • These Mammoth Sunflower Seeds produce GIANT flower & are easy to grow!

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