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Glass Gem Corn Seeds - Rare Heirloom Variety (100+ seeds)

PowerGrow Systems & Utah Hydroponics

  • $ 450

Our Glass Gem corn seed produces a diversity of gorgeous translucent, jewel-colored ears, each one unique. A stunning corn variety selected over many years by Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder from Oklahoma. Selected from crossing several traditional corn varieties and saving seed from the vivid, translucent kernels. Size of ears range from 3-8 inches. Corn plants commonly produce numerous tillers, or side stalks, which also produce ears. Height of plants depend upon quantity of water, but can reach up to 9 feet, typically 6 feet. The kernels may be ground into cornmeal or popped (popping is not comparable to modern engineered popcorns - we actually don't recommend popping it). Glass Gem can be picked approximately 110-120 days after planting. Harvest when husks are dry and brown for the most intense and translucent colors.

  • Grown in our local USA family heirloom garden...isolated from other corn varieties so they are pure Glass Gem seeds
  • Each Glass Gem corn ear produces displays gorgeous and different colors
  • 100+ seeds in each pack
  • Minimal packaging to save you money {more money saved = more seeds you can try out! :) }

Green Thumb Tip: Sow seeds outdoors 1" deep after danger of frost has passed. You should only need to plant 1-2 seeds per space about 8" apart. For good pollination and full ears, plant in blocks of 3-6 rows instead of one long row. Corn is a heavy feeder and does best in well-drained fertile soil with plenty of water.

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