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Heat Mat Thermostat - Digital Thermostat Controller for Heat Mats

PowerGrow Systems & Utah Hydroponics

  • $ 2199

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
This digital temperature control device allows gardeners to select and maintain optimum rooting temperature for faster seeding or cutting growth. It is compatible with many other heat mats.

- Accurate LED display in. 1 degree increment for temperature setting
- Max load: 1000 Watts
- Max Amps: 8.3 Amps
- 120V input & output voltage
- Temperature control range: 41°F to 108°F (5℃ to 42℃)
- Temperature display range: 32°F to 140°F (0℃ to 60℃)
- Auto saving current program after powering off

- Large display and characters are easy to read
- Simple menu and big buttons for easy operation
- Power and load indicator lights
- 3.28FT power cord
- 3 prong grounded electrical plug
- Additional suction cup included

Package Contents
1 x Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
1 x Instruction Manual

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