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LED Grow Light - ROI-E200 by Grower's Choice (for 2'x4' area )

Grower's Choice

  • $ 34900

The ROI-E200 is the newest member of the ROI-E series. The perfect LED grow light for a 2x4' growing area! With the Grower's Choics ROI-E200, it’s versatile compact design and high intensity fully balanced 4800k spectrum this fixture is excellent for commercial cultivators that need reliable low profile lights that perform excellent in all stages of growth and excel in veg. The ROI-E200 was also designed to be a functional seed to flower fixture, for the hobbyist looking to cultivate a quality garden in limited space.

  • Powerful Full Spectrum LED Grow Light @ 200W 
  • Super efficient LED Grow Light @ 2.5 umols/s
  • The ROI-E200 is Dimmable, and linkable with other GC LED's
  • The perfect light footprint for a 2x4' grow area
  • Full Spectrum growth from Veg to Harvest!

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