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OYSTER Shell Powder - All Natural Ground Oyster Shell

PowerGrow Systems

  • $ 1695

Oyster Shell Powder is an all-natural and high-quality source of the essential Calcium. Oyster Shell Powder is the perfect supplement to add calcium to your plants, or your chickens diets (for super strong eggshells!). When used for plants, it can prevent calcium deficiencies like Tomato Blossom End Rot. Ancient oyster shells are carefully harvested and then ground into small coarse particles. These irregular shapes provide a sustained release of this valuable nutrient. Contains 100% natural and Powdered Oyster Shell.

  • Oyster Shell provides beneficial Calcium for your plants
  • Powdered Oyster Shell is perfect for supplementing your Chickens diet for Super Strong Eggshells!
  • All Natural Oyster Shell Powder
  • Use Oyster Shell in your garden, or for your chickens!
  • Oyster shell flour (ground oyster shells) are a natural source of concentrated Calcium

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