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Perlite #2 size (4 cubic foot bag)

Perlite #2 size (4 cubic foot bag)

PowerGrow Systems & Utah Hydroponics

  • $ 2200

Perlite is SOLD IN OUR LOCAL STORE ONLY (We cannot ship it) - but we usually always have it available for local customers to pickup. Please purchase this item in our store. Online orders will be canceled. Thanks!

Perlite is naturally occurring siliceous rock that when heated to 1600 F expands up to 20 times its original volume. This kilning process is very similar to popping popcorn and produces a growing medium that is sterile and has a neutral pH of 7.0. The exceptional physical properties of this giant perlite make it tops in the perlite world for adding porosity to soil and soilless mixes. This giant perlite has numerous hydroponic applications as well.

+20 mesh to 1/4’ particles.
Most widely used general propagation grade for nursery plants and general Soil Conditioning, mixing with native soil in Newly planted trees and plants, compost and making your own custom soil blends.

This is a 4 cubic foot bag.

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