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We have been providing hydroponic supplies and plant growing services since 2007 and recently opened shop in Lindon, UT. Growing hydroponically allows us to grow produce year round, no matter the climate or the season (that's can grow in the snow!). Power Grow Systems and Hydroponics is here to help you, whether you are just beginning with your planting systems or are a well known veteran to all things hydroponic, we've got you covered! 

What is Hydroponics:

Hydroponic is derived from Latin, meaning "working water," which helps us to understand that it is through water that we are able to grow our plants. In case you didn’t know, hydroponics is a soil-less plant growing medium. It is done by simply applying nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (all essential minerals for plant growth) to your water supply. With the right minerals soil then becomes an unneeded property for your plants to thrive.

Benefits of Growing Hydroponically:

  • Plants can be grown at anytime of the year
  • Say goodbye to soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Climate no longer matters, you can grow plants anywhere
  • Produce attains a more nutritional and delicious taste
  • Hydroponics is a faster growing method than soil grown plants
  • Soil-less growing is environmentally friendly
  • You can produce more plants and take up less space
  • You will have control over your plant’s nutrients, promoting excellent growth

For all inquiries leave a comment below and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Be sure to browse our online store to get started with your hydroponics growing system today!

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