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Masteblend 4-18-38 looks different...what's the deal? Did Masterblend change their Formula?

Posted by Devan Muir on

One of the reasons we love Masterblend fertilizer, is that they are not afraid to continually improve the fertilizer products they produce. If you've ordered the Masterblend 4-18-38 in the past, the yellow/green color of the fertilizer may be familiar to you. Recently Masterblend sourced a new and improved micronutrient formula and began using it in the 4-18-38 this year (2021). This new improvement changed the color and look of the fertilizer to more of a light blue, with small brown flecks. This formula is the new and improved version of the 4-18-38, and will produce even better results than the previous formula. Below, you will find a letter from Masterblend explaining the difference and the reason for the new look. Masterblend's 4-18-38 Tomato & Vegetable fertilizer continues to be the best fertilizer for hydroponics, and have proven their place with years of customer results from both hobby and commercial growers alike. 

Old vs. New Masterblend 4-18-38

Here is the letter from Masterblend explaining the difference:

As always, if you have any questions about using Masterblend Fertilizer for your applications, please let us know. We are confident in the proven results Masterblend's fertilizers provide, and use it in our very own gardens. 

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