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MasterBlend Kick Starter Fertilizer Formula 10-52-10 (1 pound)

MasterBlend Kick Starter Fertilizer Formula 10-52-10 (1 pound)


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MasterBlend 10-52-10 PowerGrow Kick Starter Formula is the perfect fertilizer for jump starting your seedlings, and establishing your transplants. This formula has been specially formulated for both Soil and Hydroponic use and is 100% water soluble, with a Food-Grade blue dye so it can also be used with fertilizer injection systems. 

  • MasterBlend 10-52-10 Kick Starter Formula is fully Water Soluble
  • Packed by PowerGrow in exlcusive 1 pound bags so you don't have to buy more than you need
  • Highly concentrated!
  • Master Blend Kick Starter fertilizer is perfect for Hydroponics and Soil gardens 

Use the PowerGrow Kick Start Formula on your seedlings and transplants to provide essential nutrients and kick start growth. Once seedlings are established, begin using one of the other incredible Masterblend PowerGrow Formulas.

Mixing Recipe:

Mix 1 Tablespoon per 1 gallon of water and dissolve completely. Apply 1/2 pint of solution per plant on a weekly basis when plants are young.


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